Book Clubs

I enjoy visiting book clubs to discuss The Widows and/or The Hollows! I’d love to visit your book club via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or Google Meets (Google email is not required; you’ll receive an invitation to join the chat online). I can visit in afternoons and evenings. In-person visits may be arranged if within a 20-mile distance of my location. Please get in touch!

Your book club may also enjoy this interview of Jess, answering Frequently Asked Questions she receives at book clubs. Enjoy!

If you do read The Widows (whether I visit or not), you might enjoy this Reading Discussion Guide, created by Minotaur.

Here is the Reading Discussion Guide for The Hollows, also created by Minotaur.

Please note: both guides have questions that contain spoilers for the books for purposes of discussion, so please read the books first before looking at the discussion guides.

And DO let me know so I can send your book club autographed book stickers, book marks, and goodie bags (contents may vary). Just email me at, let me know that your book club is reading one of my books, and I’ll get in touch as quickly as possible to arrange a visit and/or sending enough goodies for each member of your club!

If you’d like personalized autograph stickers, please complete this quick and easy form!


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