Pie of the Month

Dear Reader: Pie of the Month–Spiced Peach

    About two months ago, The Peach Truck came up to our town on its tour all the way from Nashville, Tennessee. I admit... I didn't stand in line to buy a box of peaches. But my friend Mary did, and she brought a bag of peaches over to my house--just enough...

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Dear Reader: Pie of the Month–Buckeye

      Buckeyes (besides being the nickname for Ohioans and Ohio State, from the state tree) are a delicious candy, peanut butter nougat dipped in chocolate. I usually make them at Christmas. My recipe makes a large quantity. True, I could divide the...

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Pie of the Month: um…. Cheesecake?

      Is cheesecake a cake... or a pie? (I know, I know, either way, it's delicious!) I say... it's a pie. Why? Well, because technically, it's a cheesecake pie! Here's my reasoning. The cream cheese and other ingredients used for the filling form a...

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Pie of the Month: Lemon Meringue

Dear Reader, It's hard to believe that September is already upon us and that cool temperatures will be here soon-ish. But I'm not quite ready to let go of summer, because for me, it flew by far too quickly. Well, OK, it also dragged its feet and lasted about a decade...

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