Of course every day can be Independent Bookstore Day, but hurrah for independent bookstores having a special celebration day! Independent bookstore owners and workers deserve a big thank you for all they do to connect authors and readers. You can learn more about this “one-day national party” celebrating independent bookstores at Indiebound.org.

And, while you’re on the website, use their search link to find independent bookstores near you—or books you’d like to buy.

Another great resource for finding independent bookstores in your area, and for ordering books, is Bookshop.org.

A special big heartfelt thanks in particular to these independent bookstores that have supported the Kinship series! I’ve included links to their stores; you can order books and have them shipped directly to you:


When you set out to make your book purchases, please consider visiting these and other wonderful independent bookstores, either online or in real life. Keep them thriving, for the sake of authors and readers like you!

Be Well,