Dear Reader:

I’m grateful that you read books–my books, other writers’ books–wherever you may get them: online vendors, brick-and-mortar bookstores, libraries, swapped with a friend.

But today is Independent Bookstore Day, and I can’t help but give a big old “THANK YOU!” and “WOO HOO!!!” to Independent Bookstores. (You can find indie bookstores to visit and/or order from via the Independent Bookstore Day link, or this great resource,

After all, they are the stores that go above and beyond. Independent bookstores provide:

  • books for local author events and bookfairs
  • a great place to hang out–whether to browse, host a writing group, or chat with friends in a cozy corner
  • venues for book launches
  • venues for author reading and poetry slams–often for artists in the local community
  • special recommendations of books
  • special orders
  • meeting space for writer groups or book clubs

That’s just from my experience; I’m guessing I’m missing plenty of other services!

So please join me in giving a big THANK YOU to local, independent bookstores in your area! And, please consider making your next book purchase from an independent bookstore. Many will ship!

And, even if you pay a little more than you might online, consider that the extra few dollars are not just going for the book itself–but also to support all those wonderful benefits I just listed.

Here are independent bookstores in my immediate area who have supported me and so many other authors:

  • Books & Co–though this store is now owned by Books-a-Million, it began as an independent, and in heart and soul still functions as such, with many book events. This is the site of my hometown book launches, and also where we hosted many writing mini-workshops when I was director of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop.
  • Epic Book Shop–nestled in the heart of Yellow Springs, Ohio, a truly unique bookstore!
  • New & Olde Pages Bookshoppe–Marianne, the bookstore owner, knows how to take care of readers AND authors! She has signed copies of my books–so if you need an autographed copy, give her a call!
  • Sam & Eddie’s Open Books–Another delightful bookstore in Yellow Springs!
  • Jay and Mary’s Book Center

And here are independent bookstores from across the U.S. who have been kind enough to have me sign books for their stores to carry, or hosted me for signings; link

Yours Truly,