In November, my publisher, Minotaur Books, asked if I’d contribute a recipe for their #BakingwiththeBeast series published on their Facebook Page in the run-up to Thanksgiving. The goal of this fun series was for a variety of Minotaur authors to share a recipe from or related to their novels.

Of course, I gave an enthusiastic “YES!”

In THE WIDOWS, I reference corn pone (a coarse, not-sweet form of cornbread), soup beans (a variation of bean soup–but in my childhood Appalachian family, the dish was always called soup beans), greens, dried apple stack cake, moonshine, buttermilk pie, and a sweetener called sorghum, which is a syrup made from sorghum cane (as opposed to molasses, which is made from sugar cane.)

Here’s a link to the piece I wrote and the recipe.

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy holidays to all who celebrate.