Pie of the Month: um…. Cheesecake?

      Is cheesecake a cake... or a pie? (I know, I know, either way, it's delicious!) I say... it's a pie. Why? Well, because technically, it's a cheesecake pie! Here's my reasoning. The cream cheese and other ingredients used for the filling form a...

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Pie of the Month: Jess’s Mince-Meat(less) Pie

Our holidays are a little different this year. My mother-in-law passed away last year, the day before Thanksgiving, and my father this year in October. Our children are adults, and this year our older daughter wasn't able to come home for Thanksgiving... but she did...

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Pie of the Month

I love to make pie for family and friends. Since I can’t give you a pie via the internet, I’ll share my favorite pie recipes once a month. We’ll start with a flexible crust! What are your favorite crust tips? Comments or questions on this blog post? Join the discussion on my @JessMontgomeryAuthor Facebook Page or Facebook Group!

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