Thank you for dropping by my website and for visiting my blog.

When I happened upon the inspiration for Lily Ross, a sheriff in 1925 rural southeastern Ohio, I knew I’d found a character who would have deep, compelling stories to tell. Perhaps more importantly, I knew these would be stories that would resonate with me as a storyteller and as a person. I could almost hear the dulcimer strings striking a sweet but melancholy chord in the background. And when a story idea presents itself to you with a soundtrack of its own… well, you listen. And follow.

I’m so glad I did, because the first Lily Ross novel, THE WIDOWS, will make its debut in January 2019 from Minotaur Books. I could not be more thrilled!

January 2019 is far off, you say? Longer away than a month of Sundays? Yes, but it will get here quickly enough. And in the meantime, while we’re waiting together, I’m looking forward to chatting with you via this blog. What will we chat about? Well, there are topics aplenty! Here’s some of what we’ll explore:

–How THE WIDOWS came into being.

–The historical inspiration for various aspects of THE WIDOWS and the Lily Ross series.

–Music and books and films and art that I love. Maybe a chat or two with other writers and artistic creators!

–Peeks into my writing process.

–A bit here and there about my interests outside of writing and Lily Ross: recipes, hiking, nature, cats, family, and a dollop or two of philosophical ramblings about love and life and community.

–Pie. Yes, pie. Pie deserves its own category! I not only *love* pie, I especially love baking pies. My husband and I are empty nesters, and one pie goes a long way for two, so I’m always happy to bake pie for friends and neighbors and family members who are celebrating or healing. I’ve been told my pies have curative effects.

Oh, and of course I’ll keep you posted on news about steps along the way toward THE WIDOWS release.

Come on by once a week or so, and we’ll have a nice visit. I look forward to getting to know you!

p.s. A big THANK YOU to the Montgomery County Arts & Cultural District for an Artist Opportunity Grant to help create this website and blog. I was blessed with this grant, in part, so that I could share the historical background of THE WIDOWS as well as my artistic process for educational purposes. I look forward to fulfilling that promise!